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Gary Varga

Gary Varga

Technical Architect at AdminRe UK

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
Computer Software
  1. Swiss Re,
  3. Varga Limited
  1. Bet365,
  2. Microsoft Consulting Services,
  3. Trinity Expert Systems
  1. The Open University
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Swiss Re

Swiss Re

Technical Architect

– Present

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I provide software services based upon, primarily, Microsoft technologies.

Specialties: I provide development services using agile or structured methodologies using Microsoft .NET technologies:

.NET 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5
Visual Basic.NET
SQL Server 7 - 2012


Technical Architect

Swiss Re
– Present (1 year 3 months)Telford, United Kingdom

Solutions Architect
– Present (7 years 8 months)

I architected and am developing a motorsport engineers' management system in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C# as part of a small team. The user interface is written in XAML i.e. using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is being employed as the communication standard and LINQ to SQL for access to a SQL Server 2008 R2 database. The project is applying Test Driven Development (TDD) practices using Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010.

Owner / Senior Consultant

Varga Limited
– Present (15 years 8 months)

For the last fifteen years I have been the Principal Consultant at Varga Limited providing services for, amongst others, the client projects detailed here.

Software Consultancy Supplier

(1 year 2 months)

I was brought in to re-architect, design and develop a back office system for various aspects of customer management using Visual Studio 2010, in particular C#, with a Windows Forms front end application. Aspects of this included migration of VB6 COM components to .NET C# assemblies. In addition I was also been a part of the team redeveloping the payment systems, used by both the back office applications and ecommerce web sites, which was implemented in VB.NET applying Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques utilising NUnit and NMock2.

I also provided expertise to the core team in a SQL Server 2008 R2 database migration strategy project to implement a transition to larger identity columns across the ecommerce data in order to cater for the expanding data set.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Microsoft Consulting Services
(6 months)Coventry, United Kingdom

I developed a number of Proof of Concepts (POCs) with accompanying guidance for the Skills Funding Agency. The purpose of these POCs was to illustrate the technical feasibility of certain areas of proposed implementation which, together with the guidance, formed the basis of tendering processes. The POCs were developed mainly using C# in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Technologies used included Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for a user interface, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), PowerShell scripting, C++, CodeDom for .NET code generation, SQL Server 2008 R2 as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Trinity Expert Systems
(4 months)Telford, United Kingdom

I was the Technical Team Leader responsible for developing a Front Office application for the Admin Re subsidiary of Suisse Re that integrated with a suite of others as well as mentoring others in the development team. The new application was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 C# as part of a small team. The user interface was written using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) i.e. in XAML. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) was employed as the communication standard and ODP.NET for access to an Oracle 10g Server database. The development is following a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Some of the business logic was migrated from Visual Basic (VB5) and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 VB.NET applications. I also developed a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS) package to transfer data between different Microsoft Dynamics NAV installations.

Software Consultancy Supplier

(2 years 2 months)

I was brought in as a Solution Architect/Technical Lead in order to bring National Express’ Fares Engine System back into a manageable state and enhance it. The source code was known to be in an inconsistent state and, as such, the deployed version of the system used for all ticket sales (online, via call centres and via third parties) could not be maintained until consistency was achieved. Once accomplished, I co-ordinated and worked with a team to design and implement required enhancements. This required co-ordination of several technical teams at both 2e2 and National Express.

The system was comprised of a set of Windows Service hosting Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services and a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Fares Management System all written using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 C#. The data for the real-time Fares Enquiry System was held in a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database; populated both by the Fares Management System and an Integration Services (SSIS) package. The data warehouse was held in a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database and is populated by one of the Windows Services.

Whilst here I also resolved an issue with a VSTO Outlook Add-in developed on behalf Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE).

Software Consultancy Supplier

IMS Health
(7 months)

I was brought in as a Solution Architect in order to provide expertise in .NET and also, more generally, in the software development fields. I co-ordinated offshore development and testing teams in the production of a tactical solution utilising Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) and Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) v3 integration projects written in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 C#. I personally developed a VSTO Excel Add-in tactical solution.

I worked with the Technical Architects team and peer Solutions Architects on refining the strategic system’s component model and modelling the individual components using Rational Software Modeler. This system utilises Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS), including Excel Services, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, including Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS).

I also provided guidelines and processes for the governance and application of processes and tools in order for the client to achieve a more robust software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Software Consultancy Supplier

(7 months)

I architected and co-developed a system to manage connections to the national grid for companies such as Orange and Anglian Water. This required me to drive the development via Team Foundation Server and utilise Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C#, ASP.NET AJAX enabled web pages and SQL Server 2005. I wrote class libraries, web pages, SQL Server schemas (stored procedures, functions and tables) and unit tests as well as generating Excel reports based on the Microsoft Office XML standards and letters based on the RDLC format.

Software Consultancy Supplier

E.on UK
(1 year 1 month)

I worked on an internal toolset to enhance developer productivity. As part of a team working on a Team Foundation Server managed project utilising Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C#, web services and SQL Server 2005, I developed packages to integrate with Visual Studio incorporating both WinForm and Domain-Specific Language (DSL) designers. I used both Text Templating and CodeGen for code generation. As well as Visual Studio eXtentions (VSX), I wrote class libraries, SQL Server schemas (stored procedures and tables) and data access layers, unit tests and MMC managed snap-ins.

Associate Lecturer

The Open University
(1 year)

Tutored "M255 - Object-oriented programming with Java". This entailed both distance learning support, i.e. via email, telephone and IM, as well as face-to-face tutorials.

Software Consultancy Supplier

E.on UK plc
(7 months)

At E.on Retail I was involved in a number of projects including Call Recording and Appointment Bookings. As part of the Call Recording project, I developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C# a VoIP audio capture windows service that captures audio transmissions sent using the RTP protocol over the network, combined the different conversations into separate streams and stored the resultant uni-directional audio streams. On this project I also developed a stream combiner that synchronised and merged two uni-directional streams to create audio files of the whole telephone conversation for review and general playback. Again in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, I developed a WinForms appointment booking application for call centre staff to book appointments for jobs such as meter readings that communicated over web services written in C# to an Oracle 10g database.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Sigma Computer Consultants Ltd
(1 month)

I assisted the development team in migrating the previously developed system from .NET 1.1 (Microsoft Visual Studio 2003) to .NET 2.0 (Microsoft Visual Studio 2005). I performed code reviews on behalf of the team as well as assisting with advice and training on using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

Software Consultancy Supplier

XT Base Limited
(7 months)

I lead a .NET development team and architected their various in-house systems. including a multi-company employee timesheet, expenses and payment system based on both WinForms and ASP.NET WebForms with servers hosted at various geographical locations, mentoring the young and inexperienced team and defining the migration strategy for the current VB6 back office system. The new system utilised SOA and was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. We developed the first phase of this system which included redesigning an ASP based system. Additionally, I personally evaluated the Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) and used it to prototype the new expense processing workflows which required both automated processing and, in some cases, human intervention. Individually, I designed and developed a resilient message handling system that ensured that the bespoke messages sent between the current back office systems were never lost using Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) subsystem.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Eversheds LLP
(7 months)

At Eversheds I have worked on three projects; IBM Hosting Migration, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Portal. I was the technical lead on the IBM Hosting Migration which involved the commissioning of a new Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server based environment to host Eversheds’ internet presence including their .com site, extranets and secured web applications hosted at IBM’s Warwick Datacentre. I was the joint technical lead on Eversheds’ ECM project that employed Interwoven’s Content Management System (CMS) to provide much of the business developed content on their externally faced websites and applications. I also developed .NET assemblies using C# within Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The final project I was involved in is the Portal project. I advised on the technical aspects, including the employment of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, C# and the Web Parts Framework, in order to develop content for SharePoint Portal Server 12.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Phones 4u Ltd
(1 year)

I created a stock management system that was integrated into the Head Office system which comprised web services providing access to an existing Informix Tetra installation. I designed ASP.NET web service interfaces, including specifying the datasets. I co-architected the in-store system as a set of n-Tier applications written in both C# and Visual Basic.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003. Assemblies were re-used within the applications hosted on handhelds running Windows CE.NET 4.1 and a “controller” running Windows XP. The WinForms applications communicated with a multi-threaded .NET Windows Service via remoting. The handheld used Microsoft SQL Server CE as its database whilst the Windows Service and the “controller” applications were developed against Microsoft SQL Server 2000 but designed to run against, and tested against, MSDE. ADO.NET was used; using stored procedures for the MSDE database and SQL commands for the handheld database.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Enviros Group Ltd
(10 months)

Working on developing an environmental emissions management system, I performed the roles of Technical Architect as well as a developer. Amongst other duties and tasks as Technical Architect, I designed in UML a new n-Tier application with a web front end (WebForms) and Microsoft Windows operation and support utilities (WinForms), mentored the in-house developers, assisting them in learning Microsoft .NET and introduced a cut-down version of the DSDM development process. As a developer, I used Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003 to develop artefacts for all tiers including ASP.NET pages and database interaction using ADO.NET and typed datasets. NUnit was applied for unit testing. I also wrote Transact-SQL stored procedures and defined tables in conjunction with the Database Administrators to ensure cross database compatibility. The databases directly supported in the first release of the application were Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Oracle 9i.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Premier Foods International
(2 months)

Using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003, I developed an in-house application for the budget control of the marketing teams. The ASP.NET WebForms accessed Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database tables and views via ADO.NET typed data sets filled by calling Transact-SQL stored procedures, all of which I developed myself.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Sigma Computer Consultants Ltd
(1 year 1 month)

I was the architect and technical lead of a new n-Tier application with both web (WebForms) and Microsoft Windows (WinForms) front ends as well as providing Web Services. The team used Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2002 and 2003 to develop it and NUnit for testing purposes. I specified the system’s and application’s architecture, initially, then I moved to implementing vertical slices that included defining Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database tables and writing Transact-SQL stored procedures, views and triggers, creating ADO.NET typed data sets that were filled from the results of the stored procedures and ASP.NET pages that generated HTML targeted, amongst others, at Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 browsers. Sometimes the presentation layer was a web service or a windows application instead of ASP.NET pages. Both Visual Basic.NET and C# were used for this project. Mentoring and developing the technical skills of the in-house staff was a major part of my role including the use of UML.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Millfield Partnership Limited
(1 month)

Here, I converted a text file based client database to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. I used Microsoft Visual Studio.NET to create a .NET Windows application that selected the file to be converted. C# and the .NET Framework were applied for the solution, in particular regular expressions and the buffered text IO were required.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Jaguar Cars Ltd
(7 months)

I architected in UML and, with a team, developed an N-Tier .NET solution for the diagnostics section of Jaguar Cars. The intranet and extranet application captured automotive component specifications and ensured their compliance to Jaguar, Ford and open industry standards. I specified the system and application’s architecture. Microsoft Visual Studio.NET was selected as the development tool and C# as the preferred language. I utilised NUnit for unit testing purposes. I implemented whole vertical slices that included defining Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database tables and writing Transact-SQL stored procedures, creating ADO.NET typed data sets that were filled from the results of the stored procedures, C# COM+ transactional components and ASP.NET pages. I developed an independent reusable C# security component that integrated with data held in a Microsoft Active Directory repository. A major part of my role was to mentor and develop the technical skills of the in-house staff.

Software Consultancy Supplier

OMS Financial Services
(3 years 2 months)

I developed a client management system for this mortgage brokerage together with many further requirements as they arose. UML was used as a communication tool as this problem was analysed and designed in conjunction with the client. This system was created using the Java and J2EE SDKs using a mixture JFC and JSPs for the user interface, JDBC for database access as well as Applets, Java Beans, Servlets and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) as components. A JAXP component was used to manipulate XML.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Citicus Ltd
(3 months)

I developed Visual Basic 6 COM+ components and associated Microsoft SQL Server 2000 stored procedures that were hosted in ASP pages that I also developed. The pages were made up of VBScript, JavaScript and, of course, HTML. They are targeted at Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 browsers in particular. I actively worked with both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers including enhancing the style sheets (CSS).

Software Consultancy Supplier

HM Customs & Excise (now HM Revenue & Customs)
(4 months)

The Electronic Self Service (ESS) project that I developed in conjunction with members of the HM Customs & Excise staff was part of the goal of providing all government provided services via the Internet by 2005. I had the fortune to work on Business Education & Advice services. The project was run as a Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) project and designed and documented in UML. I had the role of Senior Developer, bringing my expertise of applying Microsoft technologies to an Internet application. A major part of my role was mentoring two people new to development. I helped them develop grounding in all the skills used in the project and an overall understanding of the issues as they pertain to Internet application development. I developed HTML and ASP pages utilising JavaScript and VBScript, Visual Basic 6 ActiveX Controls using ADO and MSXML in a COM+ environment, XML Schemas, XSL Transformations (XSLT) and style sheets as well as Microsoft SQL Server 2000 databases.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Protagona Worldwide plc
(6 months)

I enhanced Protagona Ensemble suite. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product is based upon a standard C++ server application running on Windows 2000, NT or Sun Solaris. The client software was based on MFC COM components used by a Visual Basic 6 application. Initially, I designed and developed multi-threaded Java Servlets using JDBC to access DB2 databases via pooled connections. Following that, I co-designed and implemented new features of the main product of the suite, Protagona Producer. Finally, I actively consulted on their “thin client” project. This is a browser neutral front end using JavaScript, served by Apache with containers managing Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) with a Tomcat module hosting servlets and serving up the JSP pages. I advised upon and discussed Java implementation issues, the use of well known and Internet application specific design patterns as well as general Internet application development. UML was used as the basis for the design discussions.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Protek Boldon James
(10 months)

The project I provided consultancy was CEOspace, a finalist for two awards at the Microsoft Exchange Conference in Dallas (MEC2000). The application was an Internet application based upon VBscript and JavaScript in ASP pages running against Microsoft IIS using Microsoft Exchange 2000 on Windows 2000 Advanced Server in a COM+ environment. I was involved in the design of the architecture, SAFEspace, the core of the product. XML was used extensively as a standard transport mechanism for an extensible architecture. DOM was used to manipulate the XML. I implemented Visual C++ 6 ATL COM/DCOM components persisting to Microsoft’s Active Directory via both ADO and ADSI. Visual Basic 6 was used extensively for ASP hosted COM components utilising CDO and ADO to access Exchange as well as harnesses. I also advised the team on the introduction of the use of UML via Rational Rose.

Software Consultancy Supplier

ADS Anker GmbH
(7 months)

The project I worked on, on behalf of ALDI Supermarkets, was a back office system attached to supermarket Point Of Sale (POS) units. The system involved dial-up Remote Access Server (RAS) connections between stores and their divisional headquarters transferring product, account and memorandum type information in both directions. My initial task was to review and rework the UML design using Rational Rose 99 Professional C++ Edition with Visual C++ Add-On, and Rational Rose 2000. Using Rose I utilised round tip engineering techniques to initially generate code then keep it up to date with the model and vice versa. Using Visual C++ 6, I created ATL COM components and user interfaces. Test harnesses were created with Visual Basic 6.

Software Consultancy Supplier

Zurich Financial Services (UKISA) Group Services Limited
(7 months)

I was involved in the whole development process of an EPOS system for financial advisers. This ensured my involvement with clients and suppliers in other teams and workshops with users. My work involved me using almost my entire range of technical skills in order to provide Analysis models, Design models, Persistency models (SQL Server 7 tables etc.), Visual C++ 6 COM / DCOM objects and Visual Basic 6 GUI and test harnesses. I implemented persistency via ADO/SQL to a SQL Server 7 database; however, the database itself was tested using DAO with Visual Basic 6. I was involved in defining the processes used by working closely with the Technical Architecture team. To this end, I developed code generation tools to automate these processes, which used Rational Rose UML models as their source.

Software Engineer

Avery Berkel (GEC Avery Ltd)
(10 months)

I was primarily brought in to bring my Visual C++ 5, Visual Basic 5 and Object Oriented Design (OOD) experience to the team developing the company’s first (EPOS) retail scale based on a PC architecture. The product was based upon ActiveX controls and COM objects, some of which were distributed (DCOM). As the only team member who had experience in these areas, I enjoyed the distinction of playing a pivotal role in the design of the product using Select UML. Through the use of design patterns I was able to exchange my OO and, particularly, component development expertise with my colleagues’ domain knowledge.

Software Engineer

AFE Technologies Ltd (GE Fanuc)
(1 year)

As a Software Engineer, I was an active team member involved in developing a C and C++ based WIN32 SCADA system. Primarily, I used Visual C++ 4 using the OLE, RPC and WIN32 APIs together with the MFC library. For this work I developed custom RPC messaging systems and ActiveX controls as well as client-end user interfaces. I also worked by myself on a project for the US parent company’s HMI product; researching and developing its OLE for Process Control (OPC) client. Throughout, Visual Basic 4 was utilised for system add-ons, prototyping and test harnesses.

Software Engineer

(1 year)

I was a member of a team developing a WIN32 front-end of a client-server application using an Oracle database. My main role in the team was as a Visual C++ 4 developer implementing the persistence and some of the user interface using the MFC library together with the ObjectiveGrid MFC extension class library available from Stingray Software. Visual Basic 4 was also used. I was also involved with the design and implementation of various in-house extension DLLs as part of this project.

Junior Programmer

WCS Computer Services Limited
(1 year 9 months)

Brought in as a Junior Programmer, I developed applications against Sage Sovereign Accounting System. Applications were developed in Sage 4GL, Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visual Basic. During my time there I developed a Mail Order System and designed and developed a Delivery Management System for removal firms.


  • .NET
  • WCF
  • C#
  • T-SQL
  • TFS
  • Visual Basic
  • SQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Web Services
  • LINQ
  • SQL Server
  • WPF
  • VB.NET
  • SSRS
  • Databases
  • IIS
  • SharePoint
  • XML
  • SOA
  • Agile
  • TDD
  • UML
  • SSIS
  • WinForms
  • Solution Architecture
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Application Architecture
  • jQuery
  • MVC
  • ASP
  • WF
  • Technical Architecture
  • COM
  • XAML
  • XSLT
  • Entity Framework
  • Design Patterns
  • SDLC
  • CSS
  • Enterprise Library
  • SOAP
  • HTML
  • Web Applications
  • Oracle
  • Agile Methodologies
  • See 35+  See less


The Open University

MSc, Software Development

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