Alan MacKelworth

Alan MacKelworth

AMaCLimited & The Non-Executive Hub - Global Outreach & Connection

Reading, United Kingdom
Executive Office

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Alan MacKelworth's Overview

  • Global Research, Outreach & Executive Connection at The Non-Exec Hub Ltd
  • Chairman - High Value Networking (HVN) at AMaCLimited

500+ connections


Alan MacKelworth's Summary

Current Focus: Researching how the global power distribution industry views real time monitoring for service interruption and disruption due to removal of copper grounding and other power delivery infrastructure. Building a library of white papers and connecting with Power Industry members of LinkedIn.
Boards and their Advisors know that the business environment is changing fast and in response, are advising the Executive Team of the need to move their business model to one more focused on business growth. The Board can be very well connected within their own sphere of influence but must ensure that the Executive Team, and consequently, staff within the organisation develop the skills to undertake High Value Networking (HVN) with all their customer's decision makers and influencers to underpin Business Development & ‘Collaboration’.

By working with a much wider range of internal and external parties, CEOs, Chairs, Boards and NED/Trustees leading change in their organisation, can significantly increase their revenue growth, knowledge base, effectiveness, and overall responsiveness to new challenges. Gary Hamel* summed it up well when he said…”My fundamental belief is that if a company wants to see the future, 80% of what it is going to have to learn will be from outside its own industry.”

An organization’s alliance portfolio is composed of all the “thick-line” relationships that it has with its partners. A thickline relationship is one that involves both partners deeply through significant information exchange and important joint activities. In general, the thick-line relationships connecting your firm and your partners are more likely to affect your company’s network advantage. You manage these relationships more closely because they involve many activities or strategic activities. The Romans paved the highways that had greater military importance or handled more commercial traffic; as a result these highways became even easier to use.”

Alan MacKelworth's Experience

Global Research, Outreach & Executive Connection

The Non-Exec Hub Ltd

June 2014Present (3 months) Cove, Farnborough

Networking is important for both existing and aspiring Non Executive Directors (NEDs) & Trustees but finding the right network or group can be time consuming. This is where The Non Exec Hub can help.

Executive Connections Specialists:
Alison Start, Heather White, Alan MacKelworth

Specialist Editorial Team:
Julia Briggs: Interim and Recruitment Specialist
Bryan Foss: Independent Non Executive Director
Victoria Tate: Corporate Communications Expert
Heather White: Networking Expert

Alan MacKelworth is a specialist in global High Value Networking (HVN) programmes for Senior Management Teams. HVN delivers face-2-face meetings, in-depth desk-top research & tailored messages. His expertise lies in opening and driving conversations and connecting people to build highly focused invitations for business alliances and executive networking. Alan capitalises on 40+ years of being an independent headhunter and senior international business development executive. He utilises effective technologies to build, maintain, and develop over 10,000 trusted relationships, thinking outside the box to create opportunities for clients.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A non-executive director (abbreviated to non-exec, NED or NXD) or outside director is a member of the board of directors of a company who does not form part of the executive management team. They are not employees of the company or affiliated with it in any other way and are differentiated from inside directors, who are members of the board who also serve or previously served as executive managers of the company (most often as corporate officers).

Non-executive directors are sometimes considered the same as an independent director, while other sources distinguish them from independent directors saying non-executive directors are allowed to hold shares in the company while independent directors are not.

Chairman - High Value Networking (HVN)


Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Executive Office industry

March 1989Present (25 years 6 months) Forest Park, Royal Berkshire, Great Britain RG12 0XQ

High Value Networking (HVN) programmes are key to growth in 2014. HVN with face-2-face meetings, indepth desk-top research & tailored messages driving conversations with known connections and highly focused invitations to build-out Business Alliances and Executive network. Capitalising on 40+ years of business and high value networking globally. A veritable Obi-Wan Kenobi of utilising highly effective technologies to build, maintain, and develop 10,000 trusted relationships. Thinking outside the box to create opportunities for clients.

Client projects include:
• HVN for CEO Simudyne, a British company that provides enterprise simulation technology to governments and global corporations across numerous industries.
• HVN for EVP Global Marketing and Strategy at Oracle Alliance and Channels, Embedded Global Business Unit. Based West Coast USA & London UK.
• HVN for CEO of ON-Brand Partners, a company that specialises in assisting organisations in aligning and engaging their people with the business strategy. HQ’d in Auckland NZ,
• HVN for CEO EMEA of Telstra Global based in London. Telstra Global is a leading global provider of managed networked solutions in Asia, EMEA, Australia, and the Americas.
• HVN for CEO Rider Levett Bucknall over 2,500 staff, 100 global offices - core services - Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying and Project Management. HQ’s in Birmingham UK.
• HVN for European Business Development Unit for one of Japans “Big Four”. A new investment portfolio in Europe would use the unit, invest £30m in smaller software companies, and in 3 years grow to £100m.

Alan MacKelworth's Additional Information


guanxi lit: connections, relationships ‘doing business through value-laden relationships’

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