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Brooklyn Creative League gives freelance professionals, small-shop companies, and nonprofits the tools they need to get their work done: affordable, green shared workspace, office amenities, and a community of professional colleagues.

WORKSPACE. Brooklyn Creative League occupies a sunny loft in the top floor of an old sweater factory in Park Slope/Gowanus. Green construction materials absorb sound so the space is open yet acoustically private. And our muted design palate is warm, bright, and energizing. We offer:
-Prrivate offices for professional services firms and nonprofits;
-Individual workstations for freelance professionals and entrepreneurs; and
-Top-notch office amenities, including a reception area, a conference room, high-speed internet, office machines, and a kitchen/lounge area for social and professional events

PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY. Brooklyn Creative League is a network of independent-minded professionals—writers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, architects, marketing gurus, journalists, web developers, bloggers, communications professionals, illustrators, designers, and others—who understand that genius needs to tinker in a collective shop. Members can:
-Connect with other creatives through our regular calendar of events--readings, film screenings, luncheons, lectures, receptions, meetups, and classes;
-Grow their businesses by working more effectively and collaborating with others; and
-Innovate and learn from their colleagues.

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