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FSU Alumni and Students

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This group is dedicated to keeping Florida State University students connected before and after graduation, and to encourage interactivity and discussion between students and alumni.

Let's give the Ivy League networks a run for their money!

The greatest value that this group gives to alumni is the posting of jobs and job seekers in the job board. Please use this feature freely.

In the discussions area, we encourage the promotion of free online resources or giving of free advice if you are a relevant subject matter expert. Please keep a professional decorum. The most important rules are: no spamming members, and don't make it personal. If you spam, you will face consequences, including removal from the group. Spam is not currently a problem, and we want to keep it from becoming one.

If you have an interesting piece of general news about FSU, please share it with the rest of us in the news section.

We allow most anyone with a clearly stated connection to FSU to join. Please ensure that you have a professional looking profile with a tasteful picture and at least a handful of connections before you apply. Please mention your education, family, and/or work history connection to Florida State. We do have FSU database access and reserve the right to verify claims. If we are taking too long on your application, we apologize and feel free to prod us to hurry up.

Visit our website at alumni.fsu.edu for information about our programs, upcoming events, and the benefits of becoming a member of the FSU Alumni Association. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/FSUAlumniAssociation) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/FSUalumni) too.

Thanks and we look forward to having you in the group! Go Noles!

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