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Zac W. JVM / Scala Technical Lead (Java, Functional, Akka, Play!)

JVM / Scala Technical Lead (Java, Functional, Akka, Play!) This role will effectively take the technical leadership of a small, agile team and drive innovation and development in a Functional Programming, Scala environment....

  • 2 days ago

Zac W. Junior/Mid Scala Developer ( Java, Functional, Akka )

Junior/Mid Scala Developer ( Java, Functional, Akka ) This role represents an excellent opportunity for a Java Software Engineer (or ideally a Junior Scala Developer) interested working on the development of greenfield...

  • 2 days ago

Jean H. Scala.IO 2014 in Paris

The Scala.IO conference, which will be held for the second time in Paris at the end of October (23rd-24th), has now published its complete program. Speakers will discuss a variety of subjects including: - Scala itself, its...

  • 4 days ago

An exploration of the differences between expression and statements in Scala, and why they allow us to eliminate the “return” keyword from method bodies.

  • 5 days ago

megha S. Make your Career in Hadoop Architect

Learn Hadoop Analyst, Developer, QA and Admin all in one and make it architect :

Looking for hadoop online training ? Join Intellipaat's Hadoop training course today and kick start your big data carrier.

  • 5 days ago

Watch Sample Recording About the Course Apache Storm training is a free and open source distributed real time computation …

  • 8 days ago

Ayush M. Finagle By Twitter Engineer @ Knoldus

Link Details

This week, Puneet Khanduri, member of Twitter core engineering team, introduced us to Finagle in the MeetUp organized by Knoldus. It was a great session. We are thankful to Puneet. It was quite inspiring and appreciated by...

  • 9 days ago

Ayush M.

In this blog, I would explain how to implement Google Map in scala .js. If you are developing your web application in Scala and you want to write javascript functionality in Scala then you should g...

  • 10 days ago

Christoph K. Embedding Lisp in C++ - Challenging Clojure's Integration with Java in Lisp with C++

Challenging Clojure's Integration with Java in Lisp with C++ Our recipe will present support for the following features: 1) The extreme...

Embedding Lisp in C++ - A Recipe

Challenging  Clojure's Integration with Java in Lisp with C++ Preamble - An uncommonly common language Lisp may be said to be simultaneously the most common and near enough most uncommon programmin...

  • 10 days ago

Jason F. Basic Scala Experiments with Empty Parameter Lists

Patrick Premont runs some basic Scala experiments with empty parameter lists, and draws some conclusions from the results. Read more on the BoldRadius Blog.

  • 10 days ago