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James C. Question about limited quantity offset printing

I am looking to get my portfolio printed, but the companies local to me will only do small run printing on a copy machine and not a 4 color offset press. I understand the setup time and potential costs to mixing inks, but...

  • 6 hours ago

Daniel C. Charge for all the variations? Or just the one chosen?

I always make or choose three variations on a concept and let my client decide which to take further. This, of course, is a typical process. What's nagging me lately is whether to charge for the variations not chosen. I...

  • 20 hours ago

Gabriel S. Need recommendation for PSD to HTML

Does anyone have experience with any of the companies that do this type of work? I am in a bit of a bind to get some reasonably quick turn around of Photoshop files to HTML5/CSS3, but never used one of these services before.

  • 1 day ago

Matheos S. Has anyone made a transition from client work to producing and selling one’s own product?

Having just read an interesting article about a guy that works as a freelancer whiles slowly building up a product to then sell as his own made huge profits and is growing. What are your thoughts on transition, do you have...

  • 1 day ago

Kris F. Looking for a solution to keep branding consistent when a re-direct is required.

I have a client who owns a papery store (invitations, custom greeting cards, etc). She wants to update and improve her website. She offers online sales through a couple of wholesale vendors that require her customers to...

  • 1 day ago

Daymon A. The professional filter I discovered on Linkedin

Lately there are a lot of people creating discussions to receive feedback about their website. Most of the time it says "my hand coded from scratch website" and "I am a professional web designer after many HOURS of...

  • 1 day ago

Richard S. B. If a client asks you what online printing company do you use should you tell them?

If a client asks you what online printing company do you use should you tell them? Would it be wrong not to? Would you charge a client for coming to you to REORDER a product, which doesn't require you to spend time in...

  • 2 days ago

David F. What applications to study to get into digital design etc

Hi all, I have worked mainly in artwork and design for traditional print and large format work over the past 15 years with the usual program's, quark, illustrator, photoshop, indesign etc. however more and more clients are...

  • 2 days ago

hadi H. Building a CAREER!

What’s better, to work as a graphic designer in a big agency / firm or as an art director or senior in a small firm?

  • 2 days ago