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Peter M. EtO <--> MtO / A two way street?

In an Engineering to Order environment, it is useful for the Engineering department to understand how design choices not only impact inventory (especially non-inventory), but also the impact on manufacturing and assembly...

  • 3 hours ago

Aidan F. If you couldn't be a Mechanical Engineer, what would you be (or do), and why?

I remember this question being asked by a Project Manager when she joined the program. It was a meet and greet meeting. It was very thought provoking, and informative to find out about others on the team.

  • 4 hours ago

In this modern age of digitization and paperless offices, it is a rare sight to see a mechanical engineer bent over sheets of drafts intently working on a design. The essence of mechanical design and drafting remains the...

  • 1 day ago

Ikporo J. Things to note

Good morning Engineers, can we list out some important and necessary things all mechanical undergraduates should know. This can go a long way in helping some young minds who are new to the field. Thanks

  • 1 day ago

Sean K. What impact will Scotland leaving the UK have on the Construction industry

Interesting article with valid points for both "Yes" and "No" voters, but will it have any effect on the industry at all? What do you think?

What effects would a ‘Yes’ vote in the Scottish referendum have on the industry?

  • 1 day ago

Sky Steel S. Facade Access Solutions

Join our Group for discussions.

Design and Engineering - Facade Access Equipment / Building Maintenance Unit

  • 3 days ago

Ali F. Rotary Engine Losses

Can anyone tell me the reason for higher losses in a rotary engine on Design basis?

  • 3 days ago