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George A. This is one of the most powerful groups on linked in. How can we help each other?

In my opinion, we can help each other by simply visiting each other's llinked in profile and learning ways to assist each other.

  • 36 minutes ago

CMG Consultores

Nuestra propuesta de valor para generar campos de aprendizaje

  • 2 hours ago

Buenos días. Mi nombre es ¡OH! No pregunten, a no ser que quieran saber. Link a las 8 entradas anteriores de  "Historias de ¡OH! (un hombre normal) (pulsar en el nombre para acceder) ______________...

  • 7 hours ago

Particularly when you’re just starting a business, it’s easy to get caught up in doing what others tell you is the "best way" to do something. Problem is, ‘one size fits all’ is an oxymoron! Here are a couple of real life...

  • 8 hours ago

Jory Hingson F. The Coaches Console and Coaching Business Bootcamp

Hello everybody. This is a promotional piece for an awesome bootcamp and "back office" system that helps us run our coaching businesses efficiently. I have no idea how to 'share' a status update to the "promotion" tab in...

If you want to finish this year strong and start next year as the powerhouse coach you know you can be, then read my email to learn how you can get your business off the ground seamlessly!

  • 10 hours ago

Volkan Nurettin K.

In our previous article, we discussed "Lean Behavior Models to Counter Commercial Failure Projections." When their choices result in issues during the 3 separate terms we mentioned in our first analysis, investors and...

  • 10 hours ago

Today is a great day to fail!! Did you wake up this morning, look around at your life, take a deep breath and say to your self, "I think I'll go out there today and fail?! No? Why not? People fail all the time. In fact, in...

  • 10 hours ago

What is the source of your stress and who to seek out for advice on dealing with it

  • 10 hours ago

Here are some ways to harness the power of team collaboration and get your employees working smarter, harder, and most importantly, together:...Source: www.huffingtonpost.comSocial media ties us al...

  • 13 hours ago