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Martijn R. The outcome of our survey, thanks for sharing

Over 87% of employers find it important that employees spread content like news, vacancies and white papers through their own social networks. This has been shown in the survey that social sharing platform SoWorker conducted...

  • 3 minutes ago

The optimal length for social media posts and all other forms of online content. Get best practices for tweets, posts, blogs, and more.

  • 8 minutes ago

Alan S. How to Ensure Brand Identity Consistency Across All Media

Being consistent about your brand seems obvious but can quickly become a challenge when dealing with the diverse range of media today such as Twitter, Television and the plain old website. This post goes over 8 strategies to...

Consistent brand identity across all media platforms is an essential way to ensure that potential customers understand what a company is about, and it keeps current customers secure in their buying decisions.

  • 20 minutes ago

Kerala Exam Question Papers

Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India has launched a centrally sponsored National Means-cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS) Scheme. Under this scheme scholarship will be awarded to 1,00,000 students (at...

  • 56 minutes ago

Cuando Berta me avisó que tras recibir una invitación de contacto en LinkedIn, abrió su perfil y no asociaba la foto con el nombre de quien quería contactarla, pensé … normal! porque esa foto es mía pero no soy yo!. La...

  • 1 hour ago

These 5 tips can help to make your next nonprofit fundraising event a huge success, planning in advance can be enhanced by these social media ideas

  • 2 hours ago

Facebook secured 81.9% of all the shares in this study from Marketing Land, more than four times that of all the other social networks combined.

  • 3 hours ago

Content marketing should be a shared experience that spans the boundaries of all departments. Undoubtedly, there are brilliant content marketing minds in every corner of your company — you just nee...

  • 3 hours ago