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Fifty-one schools are under investigation for violating Title IX, which requires them to advise victims of rights, conduct investigations and ensure victims'...

  • 4 months ago

Logo Design Competition interactive.lingermagazine.com

Logo Design Competition

  • 6 months ago

For the past 10 years Daryl Carlson has been employed as the Chief Photographer for The Citizen in Laconia where he has won more than a dozen Associated Press “Photo of the Month’ awards. His work has also appeared on MSNBC...

  • 6 months ago

Simply posting content to Facebook will not guarantee that you reach your fans. Here are some tips to develop a plan for your PR efforts.

  • 7 months ago

Paul H. New horizons for independent media creatives ...

as media finance barriers and creative "gatekeeping" continue to erode ... real talent rises

Two Netflix programs -- drama "House of Cards" and comedy "Arrested Development" -- are expected to receive nominations for the Emmy Awards, which would be a first for programming not produced specifically for television.

  • July 17, 2013

You have heard stories about businesses gaining followers and popularity because of one tweet, or video, or post that went "viral", but what exactly does that mean and how can you make your content...

  • June 3, 2013

Is your Twitter page in need of a little refreshment? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we neglect our Twitter account and it becomes deserted, filled with junk and spam. Luckily, I have come...

  • March 15, 2013