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AC B. Don't find yourself befuddled in an interview for a SALES ROLE!! I asked “what do you think went wrong”?

There are multiple things you need to do to prepare for an interview including your list of questions and what not. Is it more important to know how to handle what you cannot prepare for and as they say, expect the...

  • 25 minutes ago

Ravindra R. $$$ Customer Appreciation Week $$$

We always strive to make customer happy, make strong relationship with him, build trust, and so on. For that we take *Regular followups by Mail, call or Personal Meet *Connect with customer on Social Media like LinkedIn,...

  • 28 minutes ago

Paul S. Givers & Takers

It's been a long held belief the world is made up of givers & takers. In your opinion, in what category do the best sales professionals fall? Has this position changed over the years?

  • 1 day ago

Kevin S. Reading, Learning and Growing

Do you read books on sales/selling/buying techniques? What's the best book (s)/ Who are the best authors that you have read?

  • 1 day ago

David V. Science says there are basically 6 reasons people say yes to an offer! Do you agree? How are you using these methods to achieve sales?

1. Reciprocity- Give a gift and get more in return. Think mints a server gives with the bill. 2. Scarcity - Think liquid cheese shortage during super bowl....Hot sauce shortage world wide.. 3. Authority - People buy from...

  • 2 days ago

Shivnath M. "You do it for free for us and I will help you in getting new doors opened for you!" -

This is one of my recent encounters with one of the prospects and my answer was, "Please tell be about those other opportunities NOW!" and then he just laughed and changed the topic. :-) Do you also come across such...

  • 2 days ago

Yi-An H. Spotted a liar, Then how?

I've been spent long time to learn body languages to see how to spot the liar. I am getting familiar now. But I always had questions after that. For example, how to get them to tell the truth? or How to get what I want even...

  • 4 days ago