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Asa B. Original British Drama Ready For Market

A quick reminder that Cream is completed and ready for market. View the trailer at and email for the screener password. Have a great weekend! ...

  • 8 hours ago

David Christopher L. Don't ever compromise the look of your film by shooting at 48 fps...

There's good reason to stay with a 24 frame per second (fps) rate in motion picture production.. It's this cadence that bestows a "timeless" quality to film. The mind is forced to fill in the blanks. As a result the viewer...

Inspired by the NAB Show and produced by NewBay Media, Connect 2 Media & Entertainment delivers news and insight regarding all areas of digital media and entertainment.

  • 18 hours ago

Some filmmakers make films to purely entertain the masses. During the summer blockbuster season, this is very apparent. However as this season comes to a close, audiences will begin to see the crop of "Oscar-worthy" films....

  • 6 days ago

Asa B. Thank you. We made amazing connections.

I just wanted to thank everyone who pitched in with feedback and thoughts on the discussion regarding my new film Cream. Posting the film to the group has led to a number of developments. These include the attachment of a...

  • 8 days ago

Jonathan W.

Film Funding and Finance

The 6 Myths of Film Distribution

One of the major Achilles’ heels for film producers is distribution. Once you’ve made your movie, what do you do? What strategies do you employ? Is there even a strategy? Well, there’s good news and bad...

  • 9 days ago

Writing Gigs

Screenwriting jobs in film, TV, and Internet posted by producers and others seeking feature and short screenplays, and TV and web episodics.

  • 9 days ago

Johnny M. Thanks for letting me in the group!

I'm a producer and love to network. If anyone wants to enter into the hot latino film market I've got a feature script written by an award winning writer. It's Christmas themed with charm, comedy, romance with a side of...

  • 10 days ago