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John F. Announcement from Demand Metric Community

A new question is challenging the Modern Marketing Organization. Yesterday’s question was: “How can we improve the experience our customer has with our company, brand, product or service?” Today’s question is: “How...

  • 11 days ago

Jesse H. Building a Modern Marketing Center of Excellence

FULL REPORT HERE: In March 2014, Demand Metric collaborated with Pardot/Salesforce to conduct a research study entitled “Marketing Report Card:...

Executive Summary In March 2014, Demand Metric collaborated with Pardot/Salesforce to conduct a research study entitled "Marketing Report Card: Keeping our Sea...

  • 26 days ago

Jerry R. Interactive content & the buyers' journey

Thanks to ion interactive - a Demand Metric research sponsor - for turning some recent research into this cool infographic:

  • 1 month ago

I Hate Prospects

Okay, I don’t actually hate prospects—I just hate calling them “prospects.” My priority is to create customers who become advocates. That's why I also hate the old-fashioned tug-of-war methods most companies still employ to...

  • 2 months ago

Jesse H. Maybe I was wrong...

The salesperson is not becoming irrelevant like I had been proclaiming to my staff. Its their approach and how marketing supports them in this new-age that is the real issue. Thoughts?

The Salesperson is Dead! And other sales and marketing myths that just aren't...

  • 2 months ago

Jerry R. The State of B2B Video Marketing

Vidyard, a Demand Metric research sponsor, produced this video from our recent report on B2B video marketing. If you don't have time to read the report, this video tells you just what you need to know!

Ever wonder where you stand on the video marketing spectrum in comparison to other B2B brands? Are most folks making their content in house? What are the challenges associated with video? Which video distribution methods are...

  • 2 months ago

Clare P. The Future of Content is Interactive

We all say Content is King. But things are changing. Plain Vanilla Content is no longer king. The new King is Interactive Content. Here's the rundown.

Content may be king, but unless it becomes more engaging, its reign will end. That's the new trend according to Demand Metric.

  • 3 months ago

Jerry R. Get Schooled on Digital Marketing

Demand Metric is hosting its second Virtual Summit of the year, “Modern Digital Marketing: Research, Experts, Tools & Solutions” beginning at 9:00 am EDT Wednesday, June 11th. The Summit provides a gathering place for...

  • 3 months ago

Melinda Fields S. Need Survey to Evaluate Sale Rep Effectiveness Making Cold Calls

I work with an IT company in metro DC. I have been asked to develop a survey to evaluate the effectiveness of our sales team's efforts doing cold calls. We would then call some of our prospects and ask them these...

  • 3 months ago