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Impunity Watch is an interactive website that operates as a law review, message board, and blog; it was created with the objective of giving a voice to people who are silenced. Impunity Watch’s mission is to monitor and address horrific human rights abuses and possible situations of impunity. Whether the atrocities committed are acts of discrimination, acts of human trafficking such as the forced labor or sexual exploitation of individuals, the denial of access to food and water, acts of genocide, or other violations of fundamental human rights, those who commit these inhumane acts should be held accountable and brought to justice. Impunity Watch will be in the forefront creating awareness of these tragedies.

Impunity Watch is completely run by students at Syracuse University College of Law. Approximately 40 students act as editors, researchers and reporters, devoting their time and effort toward informing others of human rights abuses being committed and ensuring worldwide awareness of those who receive impunity for their inhumane actions. Since Impunity Watch is entirely paperless, all of the reporting and updates can be done at anytime of the day from anywhere in the world. This flexibility ensures that breaking news is continuously posted 24/7, keeping people up to date on the most current atrocities being committed.

Although Impunity Watch only launched in October of 2007, the publication has had remarkable success. Its articles have been cited on the BBC, CNN, and notable international blogs. Additionally, the U.S. Library of Congress sought permission to include Impunity Watch within its electronic database.

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