International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS-IISA)

International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS-IISA)

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IIAS focus on the study of public administration by providing a forum in which comparative studies – including both practical experiences and theoretical analyses of experts in public administration worldwide and from all cultures – are presented and discussed.


- resolve the problems and challenges of national and international administrations

- promote the development of the administrative sciences

- improve the organisation and operation of public administrations

- develop effective administrative methods and techniques

- advance the study and practice of international administration

- provide an international platform for exchanges between practitioners and academics

- establish a link between theoretical research and practice

- propose appropriate services to its members

- encourage the construction of a rigorous, modern and accountable public administration based on diversity, balance and respect


- Organisation of 3 Annual Conferences in 3 different countries:
Resulting in an examination of the major trends in administration

- Setting up of Project Groups:
Studying a specific theme comparatively over a 3-year period with a view to publishing the results of the study

-Publication of 3 Newsletters:
Covering the activities carried out by IIAS and its sub-entities, namely EGPA and IASIA

- Publications: Series of books based on the outcome of studies presented during the major meetings and research carried out by working/project groups

- IRAS: International Review of Administrative Sciences
Providing a space for exchanges, dialogue and analysis, the IRAS is published quarterly in English, French, Spanish and Arabic

- Preparation of a worldwide network of information on public administration and major themes of governance:
Data and relevant reports published on our website

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