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The Ask An Alum (“AAA”) program was created to assist students in identifying Emory Law alumni who have expressed a willingness to answer questions about the practice of law in a particular geographic market, practice area or practice setting, and to provide information about typical career paths and the job search process generally. In addition to those engaged in law practice, some alumni work in alternative careers and are able to provide advice regarding some non-traditional uses of a law degree.

The AAA program is designed to allow students to have brief interactions with one or more alumni as the student investigates prospective career paths. The alumni found in the AAA LinkedIn group differ from those found using other sources (such as Martindale Hubbell) in that they have agreed to be contacted by students.

Since group members are not making a long-term commitment to work with a particular student, the following are typical discussion topics:

• A particular practice area
• A particular practice setting (e.g., federal agency, non-profit organization, civil legal services office, or law firm)
• Typical work hours and compensation in their employment setting
• Types of projects handled by them
• Advancement opportunities in the their practice area and setting
• The state of the legal market or hiring practices
• Ways to expand your network

If at any time you would like to take a break from advising, you can leave the group and, when you’re ready to reengage, rejoin! The structure of AAA, paired with LinkedIn, give you the flexibility to move in and out of the program depending on your time commitment.

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