The Australian Institute of Company Directors Member Group

The Australian Institute of Company Directors Member Group

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The Australian Institute of Company Directors is an internationally-recognised, member-based, not-for-profit organisation that provides leadership on director issues and promotes excellence in governance.

Our members on LinkedIn have the opportunity to access and contribute to discussions on governance topics of shared interest 24x7.

We moderate this group every weekday to encourage and maintain quality conversations.

Members can also make new connections, while sharing and gaining insights into organisational performance improvements driven through quality of governance practices.

Please read our group rules carefully before posting. We are different from many groups in that we do not permit selling or self-promotion, links to blogs or articles of interest. If members want to share content with our group, we ask that they include detailed information in the post and only add a link if it adds value to other members. This is to avoid the use of the ‘share’ button found on some websites which allows people to post the same link to multiple groups and not engage in a conversation with their fellow members.

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  • Created: March 5, 2008
  • Type: Professional Group
  • Members: 11,991
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