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This group allows participants in the policy forum on 'Social Networking Technologies for Better e-Governance and Fostering a Knowledge Society in the UAE' to initiate discussions in the time leading up to the forum and beyond, thereby enriching the debate and allowing for ongoing discourse.

The General Information Authority (GIA) and the Dubai School of Government (DSG) are conducting a policy forum (on the 17th and 18th of May) to explore recent international trends in the utilization of social networking tools by governments, and to identify potential opportunities and threats created by these technologies for the government and society in the UAE.

The forum will bring together federal and local government UAE officials, academic experts and researchers from the Dubai School of Government, as well as private sector practitioners and members of the public, to discuss the potential of social networking technologies for better governance and the promotion of knowledge society in the UAE.

The forum will ultimately provide policy recommendations on the implications of using social networking tools for promoting good governance and the creation of a knowledge society in the UAE.

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