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By providing strategic advice, training, vendor services, and publishing opportunities, our members...

- make better career choices
- have better marketing tools
- have a clearer understanding of who they are and how they can impact the marketplace and therefore have a more rewarding and more prosperous career.

More than anything, they are not alone! Read on to learn more!

Throughout our web site you'll see descriptions of our services under links like Career Planning, Vendor Services, Publishing, and Booking. Each link lists specific services we offer our members under that category. It's pretty straight forward.

But there's much more to ISN than meets the eye.

Sure, if a member needs a brochure designed and printed, we can do that very economically. But dozens of companies can print a brochure. What makes ISN different?

We know how important that a brochure can be to our member. He's counting on it to open doors and help him get bookings. The images, colors, copy, and photographs on that brochure can mean tens of thousands of dollars to our member! Before we start designing his brochure, we want to be sure it's the right tool for him. We've got to get inside our member's head and learn more about his career goals, his market objectives, his network of relationships, his competition, his topics, his strengths and weaknesses, and more. We want to know what marketing strategies have worked for him in the past. Is he going to be throwing good money after bad? There are many questions that need to be asked and answered before designing a simple brochure.

As a member of ISNWORKS, you can lean on us for much more than service, you can count on great advice that could save you thousands, and help you earn even more!

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