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We print articles on social theory, religion/spirituality, social change, contemporary American and global politics and economics, ecology, culture, psychology, and Israel/Palestine. What we look for in such pieces are perspectives that interrogate the politics of their subject matter in ways which both advance the pursuit of tikkun olam - social justice and the repair of the world - and break down issues of contemporary concern in completely new and thoughtful ways. We support a progressive spirituality, but we welcome ideas that challenge established orthodoxies in all spheres of thought and all conceptions of politics, including challenging progressive politics.

We also challenge "common sense" and every form of "being realistic" and welcome the most utopian ideas and the uncovering and challenging aspects of thought, culture, or social organization that have convinced people that our world cannot be reconstructed on the basis of love, generosity, non-violence, social justice, caring for Nature, and awe and wonder at the grandeur of the universe. What we seek are creative new perspectives on the facts that help us deepen our understanding or contribute to strategies of healing and transformation (which is what the word "tikkun" means).

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