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Official Accenture Alumni Network

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Accenture is committed to fostering and maintaining a robust alumni network. We created this Official Group on LinkedIn to enhance your alumni experience by connecting the entire Accenture community—both alumni and employees alike.

We encourage members to post relevant information on topics like consulting, business, technology and trends in professional services, as well as link with former colleagues regarding potential career opportunities. Periodically, we will also post information that is relevant to the entire global community or something that may be of interest in a particular country.

This group complements the Accenture Alumni Network (, a secure website enabling you to stay in touch with Accenture colleagues, friends and alumni and continue to grow your network on a global scale. Be “in the know” when new job postings arise; discover new career opportunities and help colleagues, friends and family explore potential careers at Accenture and beyond. Collaborate, exchange knowledge and access benefits that provide professional relevance and help you stay on the leading edge of business.

Please note: When you are a member of BOTH this Linked In Group AND the Accenture Alumni Network website, we will transfer certain professional information (including current company, title and level) from LinkedIn to the Alumni website database. We do this to ensure you are receiving accurate and relevant communications from us about events, jobs and any other information that may be of interest to you and that you have consented to receive. And, by maintaining a complete and updated profile, it’s easier to stay in touch and network with former colleagues and current employees. If you are a member, check your profile by logging on now

You may withdraw your consent at any time by email.

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  • Created: April 2, 2008
  • Type: Alumni Group
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