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Aspiritech is a non-profit organization headquartered in metropolitan Chicago. Our mission is to provide meaningful employment opportunities to individuals with Asperger's syndrome and high functioning autism (HFA). We do this by leveraging their unique talents – attention to detail, superlative technical aptitude, ability to thrive in a highly repetitive task-driven work environment – and aligning those talents to the needs of the business community.

I. Mission: To provide a path for high functioning individuals on the Autism Spectrum to realize their potential through gainful employment.

II. How does Aspiritech achieve this mission?
a. Recruits high functioning adults on the Autism Spectrum as potential software testers.
b. Screens these adults to determine their software testing capabilities
c. Provides training in software testing and related employment skills
d. Provides ongoing supervision and support
e. Provides a unique work environment to maximize testers’ abilities while also accommodating challenges impacting their work performance
f. Seeks software testing clients
g. Performs software testing services

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