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Think of us as a virtual incubator for clean tech, green business, energy and sustainability. A resource to scientists, entrepreneurs and investors. We welcome innovations and discussions in solar, ethanol, biofuels, fuel cells, batteries, combustion, carbon, greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, emissions trading (CDM, JI, ETS, VCS, VER), materials, IT, wind, geothermal, water, environment, energy efficiency, as well as other areas of alternative energy and renewable energy and power.

Our group is attached to the portal, and now as a group are over 20,000 strong on Linked In alone. I formed as a Jane Capital project in 2006, and I am excited to be involved with what has become such a energetic group. Feel free to contact me or add me as a connection on Linked In, or join our sister site on Facebook.

Neal Dikeman, Partner, Jane Capital Partners LLC

Posting Policy: Please do not post advertisements for a particular product or another linked in group or networking site, job postings will be accepted if they are topical. Violation of this policy will see you and your post deleted.

For job postings, also post on our free cleantech job board at

And take advantage of our special relationship with our sister sites, and, the original blog in cleantech and the original online ecostore.

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