French Connections

French Connections

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The purpose of this group is for professional people building their network who wish to connect with each other regarding French culture, business, travel, heritage, and daily topics. Language is only a tool for this network building. The intended language for this group is English.

There are over 1 billion people who speak English compared to only 250 million who speak French. Thus using English can attract more members for this group and allow people from many different languages to connect to the French. Most topics in our group are not about learning the language, rather they are about the French culture. can do an okay job to help those who don't speak French or English.

Promotions for social networking are not allowed and will be deleted and blocked. In addition, job related promotions or listings should be placed under the jobs tab and not discussions. Abuse of these policies will result in deletions and blocking of such individuals.Enjoy!

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  • Created: January 14, 2008
  • Type: Networking Group
  • Members: 33,089