Computer Security and Forensics

Computer Security and Forensics

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This group is intended for professionals involved in both computer security and forensics. It is a place for experts to communicate with other experts, meet peers, ask questions, offer advice and opinions, and discuss related topics.

Members must be experienced in both computer security and computer forensics. (Having a CISSP or similar certification does not imply experience. And running Norton Antivirus is not the same as security and forensic experience.) Recruiters, students, and people who only have experience in sales, marketing, or management will not be accepted.

Be friendly and helpful. Insults and unprofessional comments are not tolerated.

No spam. "Discussions" are for discussion topics and not announcements, advertisements, or offerings. Conference and course announcements belong in the Promotions tab. Do not cross-post content from RSS feeds or daily blog sites. (If members want to read your RSS feed or blog, then they can do that outside this forum.)

Do not announce other LinkedIn groups or non-LinkedIn forums in this group. We don't advertise in your forum, you should not advertise here.

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