"H2020 SPACE Research" Space Technology, Exploration, Earth Observation, ESA & NASA

"H2020 SPACE Research" Space Technology, Exploration, Earth Observation, ESA & NASA

a subgroup of " HORIZON 2020 " Framework Programme for Research & Innovation...

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Topics may include (but not limited to): HORIZON 2020, R&D and Innovation in Space, Space Research and Technology Development, Space Science and Exploration, Space Advisory Group, Space Agency, Humans in Space, Near-Earth Objects, Electric Propulsion & Power Generation, Orbital Debris Removal and Mitigation, Alternative Access to Space, Zero Gravity, Innovative Space Mission Concepts, International Space Station, Future Robotic Exploration, Exploitation of Data from Space Missions, Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Comets, Space Environment Studies, GMES, Heliophysics, Remote Sensing, Satellite Imagery, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Space Geodesy, Computer Graphics and Vision, Laser-Based Space Communication, Satellite Communication, Signal Processing, Cosmos, UFOs, SETI, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Universe, Deep Space, Space Travel, Space Robotics, Space Flight, Orbital and Suborbital Flights, Mission to Mars, Lunar Mission, Planetary Missions, Planetary Society, Space & Society, Space Medicine, Space Life and Physical Sciences, Space Engineering, GEOSS, SEIS, JAXA, CSA, ESA, NASA, Space Law and Policy, Calls, Projects & Partner Search.

★ This group is part of an umbrella group called ►HORIZON 2020◄ the largest R&D and Innovation group powered by GIS Fusion, where a unique fusion of technology, knowledge & innovation come together for the purpose of generation of new collective knowledge, forming asymmetric skills, creation of new emerging technologies, and also introducing disruptive innovations.

M. Taner Aktas
Founder & CEO of GIS Fusion
Global Innovation Services (GIS)

Taner is internationally known visionary, innovator, strategist, lecturer & consultant, a true leader in R&D and Innovation. He provides consultancy services and available for collaboration on all types of innovation projects & emerging research areas.

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