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Baak Belgium ‘Open Space 2012’: feet in the mud and eyes on the horizon!
How to keep your focus on the future, while muddling through today’s crisis?

This year we organize the fourth Baak Belgium Open Space!

On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 June we invite you to come and share, compare and find out about trends in organizations and in society, as well as in the global economy, that have an impact on our work as managers, academics, consultants,….We offer an inspiring environment and a platform for exchange.

The short term pressure on performance today is not really helping us to deal with the uncertainty of tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are no recipes to deal with the complexity and overflow of information and with the stress of profound change. Too many people get stuck in worrying and muddling through today’s crisis . The danger is to get trapped in a negative, downward spiral. Our authenticity is jeopardized: how can we live our passion and strive for excellence in our work in connection with what is happening in society, if we are under constant pressure?

We need leadership that empowers people to look beyond today’s crisis. This requires audacity, new ways of organizing and innovative thinking. It also requires an open dialogue in which we have to courage to connect with each other, develop innovative ideas to adapt our organization to the changing environment and society.

The Open Space Baak Belgium 2012 offers you a platform to exchange among colleagues, explore the difficult issues we are all struggling with and to inspire each other!

In 2009 we discussed the turbulent times and the impact on our work. In 2010 the theme was sustainability in organization and society development. 2011 we focused on unplugged leadership.

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