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Fryday Dnipropetrovsk

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You found Fryday!

We gather a great set of professionals in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. As of February 2011 we have reached an average of more than 400 participants per meeting.

Come, talk, drink and laugh for a few hours to kick-start the weekend. No tables reserved, no times to keep.

The future is bright. The future is Fryday.

We meet at nice bars in Dnipropetrovsk every second Friday or so and mingle, laugh and have a generally good time while enjoying nice beverages.

We welcome anyone who is open minded and enjoys socializing. We have no program but the socializing and what that means is up to you...

Our members work in all kinds of professional spheres like banks, industry, farming, law, accounting, marketing, recruitment, government, politics, IT, outsourcing, sales, business associations, restaurants, night clubs, universities, schools, PR, retail etc etc. They are from many different countries: Americans, British, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Italians, Spanish, Canadians, Belgians, French, Germans, Scandinavians, Norwegians, Finish, Irish. Expats and Ukrainians in one great cosmopolitan mix!

Join us and get connected right away!

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