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The Electronic Discovery Committee focuses on staying abreast of the constantly evolving case law under the federal e-discovery rules, tracking the addition of new state and local federal rules, guidelines, and protocols regarding electronic discovery, and keeping up with technological changes that may affect a litigant's ability to respond to requests for electronic information. The committee provides a vehicle for attorneys to share information and best practices related to electronic discovery and a means to advocate for appropriate rule reform.
Membership in the committee offers numerous opportunities. Our publications subcommittee can help facilitate efforts by committee members to publish articles in For The Defense, E-Discovery Connection (the Electronic Discovery Committee's newsletter), or other relevant DRI publications. This year committee members will host a webcast program on e-discovery topics of particular interest to in-house counsel.
DRI's Electronic Discovery Committee also offers continuing education on electronic discovery topics to assist defense counsel in dealing with the constantly changing landscape of e-discovery.
The Electronic Discovery Committee has historically been heavily involved in efforts to advocate for appropriate reform to the rules governing electronic discovery and will continue to advocate for reasonable interpretations of discovery rules. In the past, the committee has prepared testimony for the Judicial Conference and the Discovery Rules Advisory Committee to ensure that the views of the defense bar were properly considered as those bodies drafted amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The committee has provided similar guidance to state rulemaking entities, has been active in a task force (with LCJ and FDCC) to lobby for e-discovery rule reform in state courts, and continues to look for opportunities to advocate for appropriate rule reform and interpretation.

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