Veterinary Epidemiology and Biostatistics

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This group aims to provide a forum for discussion of issues related to veterinary epidemiology and biostatistics.

Members of this group are welcome to seek epidemiological advice from their fellow group members. Here are some ground rules for seeking and providing advice:

- Any member of the group can seek advice.
- Please restrict the queries to ‘principles and application of epidemiological methods’.
- Responses to queries are welcome from all members of the group.
- The aim would be to provide generic, not very specific, advice.
- Please make sure that both the queries and the advice given are not too lengthy (preferably less than 200 words)
- Other members are welcome to comment on the response and can further refine the response or provide their own advice.
- Please note that it is a community forum and no one would be considered liable for any incorrect advice. Please seek advice at your own risk!

Members of this group are also encouraged to share information about:
- workshops/ training courses
- conferences
- PhD/Postdoc positions
- academic/professional positions
- contracts/consultancies
- research projects
- virtually anything that is likely to be of interest to veterinary epidemiologists/graduate students.

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