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Clarkson University Mentor Program

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This program is a partnership between the Clarkson Alumni Council and the Clarkson Career Center with the goal of creating mentoring relationships around the basis of Career Information and Advice, Career Strategies, Networking Skills, Work-life Balance, Geographic Locations, Graduate School, etc.

One of the most valuable resources to current students and graduates is the means to interact with Clarkson alumni. Graduates of Clarkson work in a variety of industries and organizations, as well as have attended numerous graduate programs. The Alumni Mentor Program offers you an easy introduction to Clarkson alumni and allows you to seek guidance, advice, and feedback in an open and confidential manner. All mentors volunteer to share their time, knowledge and assistance. In order to maximize contacts and to participate in the Alumni Mentor Program, students are encouraged to review the student guide and/or training presentation found at

Please keep in mind that this program is not designed for students to directly solicit job and internship opportunities. The Career Center and Alumni Association reserve the right to remove your profile from the system for inappropriate messages and discussion topics.

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