Berkeley-Haas Network of Women (NOW)

Berkeley-Haas Network of Women (NOW)

a subgroup of Haas/Berkeley Alumni

2,700 members
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The Berkeley-Haas Network of Women (NOW) is an exclusive women's group for alumnae, students, faculty and staff of the Haas School of Business. This group provides a platform for successful business women to (1) showcase their achievements; (2) provide role models to other women, such that more experienced and successful women can pass on their experiences and knowledge to others; (3) provide an opportunity for the most successful women to network with others at the same level, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones; and (4) deliver relevant and timely dialogue on management issues, as well as discussions on topical business and economic issues.

Group Mission:
Haas School of Business alumnae, students and staff have created the “Berkeley-Haas Network of Women” as a forum for the support, promotion and advancement of women and women’s issues. The group provides a platform for continuous and active networking, as well as a channel for delivering relevant and timely dialogue on business and economic issues. Haas women leaders can further use this forum to discuss ways to set trends, influence, innovate, strategize and leverage women’s participation in the global business world.

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  • Created: March 4, 2011
  • Type: Networking Group
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