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Innovations in Light welcomes individuals interested in sharing, developing and fostering innovative solutions in Lighting. We encourage our members to discuss the challenges, opportunities and changes facing our industry. Our goal is to collaborate and share knowledge and ideas for progression and seek answers from peers to improve the quality and processes within The Lighting industry.

Members include industry experts, consultants, architects, lighting designers, urban planners, creative specifiers, building service engineers and executives, among many other Lighting professionals and enthusiasts.

The Group aims to share relevant and timely industry news, exclusive articles, whitepapers, research materials, case studies, and online tools to help the group foster innovative solutions.

Privacy and trust are our core values, and we trust your judgment on how you use the site. Please remember that this group is for discussion and conversation ONLY. Please do not use this group to spam members with ads for jobs, products or services, or any unrelated content. Please post jobs directly to the jobs section. This group should be for discussion of issues related to Innovations in Light. "Connect to me" posts that include your email and contact details, and scams or blatant spam will lead to immediate banning. The group encourages professional debates, however, please be respectful and hospitable to all group members regardless of whether they agree or disagree with your opinions and ideas. Attacks, foul language, and all other rude behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group. We want to ensure the quality of this group and will delete/ban those who abuse the group. For questions please contact me directly.

Comments/messages posted in Innovations in Light Group are the opinions of the individuals who post them and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Philips.

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