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Our collective group will enrich our businesses, share ideas, discuss strategies, and chat with like-minded people whose eyes don't glaze over when chin-wagging about internet marketing. We meet up monthly and chat about the issues that we rarely get to talk about in the "real world". We are a mastermind group that discusses:

* Internet Marketing
* SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
* Ecommerce
* Affiliate Marketing
* Social Networking
* Working from home
* Internet trends

We'll discuss current, cutting-edge SEO, PPC, Social Media, outsourcing, and selling stuff online using StomperNet strategies, as well as other effective, modern marketing principles.

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Please note: nothing is being sold at this event. This is strictly a discussion group for people who make their living online (or want to make their living online), both large and small. Many attendees are members of, but being a member is not a requirement to attend and guests are welcome.

Location is subject to change depending on the size of meeting.