Marketing Career Best Practices

Marketing Career Best Practices

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Linked:Career and its Subgroups is the most efficient professional development and career management Group on LinkedIn. We know what works and what does not work. What does work are Discussions.

Discussions allow people to build relationships with people that can help them to find jobs or candidates. Our new name is to encourage recruiters and candidates, including passive candidates, to have a good reason to join our group and participate in discussions.

Here is what we advise:

- RECRUITERS: Start discussions asking members how they would handle a specific job/career. (One that you are looking for.) Ask what would make a candidate successful in such a career. Ask them to give examples of practices that really work... THIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO IDENTIFY BEST CANDIDATES.

- CANDIDATES: Make sure you participate in these discussions. Show your expertise, instead of promoting yourself as a job seeker. Start Discussions where you will have the opportunity to share your expertise in a specific field: I am strong believer in sharing best practices. THIS WILL ALLOW YOU TO BE NOTICED BY RECRUITERS.

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