Electrical/Electronics and Computer Development Engineers Group

Electrical/Electronics and Computer Development Engineers Group

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This network group is dedicated for discussion and mentoring in broad range of areas in electrical/electronics and computer development engineering, in which working experiences and fundamental knowledge are both important. This groups covers from device to circuit to system to embedded software. Recruiters and who are interested in such areas are also welcomed.

When joining this group, you agree to follow the rules of the group, stated in the post "Please read inside this post before you post in either Discussion board or Jobs board in this group. Please routinely check back this post for important updates or announcements" in the Discussion board. The rules may be ammended or revised from time to time. Your staying in this group confirm that you understand the ammended or revised rules and you will follow them.

Here are some qualifications you need to meet in order to join this group:
1. Your first name has to be real or nickname, last name should be real; you shall not use fake name (e.g., using company name as your name);
2. Connection shall be equal or more than 3; this is to ensure you are a real person;
3. Profile shall contain enough information, including education and/or work, and they should have some relationship with this group, e.g., Engineering (Electrical, Computer, etc), Physics, Math, Engineering Management, Engineering Marketing, etc;

If you feel that you meet the qualifications to join, but are removed or rejected, please contact all the managers of this group, through LinkedIn mail (Emails are usually filtered out due to unknown users). The one taking care of your case may respond to you. However, for those who apparently do not meet the qualifications (e.g., using fake name), the managers will not respond.

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