HR & Learning Technologies Forum (sponsored by Oracle)

HR & Learning Technologies Forum (sponsored by Oracle)

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Active forum for Human Resources (HR) and Human Capital Management (HCM) professionals with an interest in leading edge HR technologies and systems. Includes lively discussions about eLearning and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). Sponsored by Oracle HCM.

We want you to get maximum value from this group by provoking innovative thinking on how various technologies can support the business need for cost-effective HR systems and processes. This includes exploring new ideas for change and fresh perspectives on all aspects of HCM technology. Please keep your discussion topics relevant. We have just a few simple rules:
• Please do not place self-promoting posts on yourself or your organisation. Posts containing inappropriate sales messages will be deleted or moved to the Promotions section.
• Members prefer to see who they are talking with, so we strongly encourage you to include a profile photograph.

Please note that violations of these simple guidelines will result in a private message warning from the group moderators. Repeat offenders will be subject to permanent removal from the group.

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