Open Source Association of South Africa (OSASA)

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Open Source Association South Africa (OSASA) is a national industry body for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in South Africa.
OSASA believes FOSS offers significant benefits for many areas of South African society including in education and public service. OSASA also believes FOSS can contribute significantly to the growth of the South African ICT industry. OSASA's activities aimed at promoting FOSS include, but are not limited to: Improving awareness of free and open source software through marketing, public promotions and community and business events;Advancing the profile and uptake of FOSS through appropriate case studies, information dissemination and promotion of the benefits of FOSS; Maintaining relevant databases of FOSS organisations and services in the country; Information referral services for government and private sector organisations pursuing FOSS deployments; Providing relevant information and contacts to media organisations and journalists covering technology; Information referral to its own members; Issuing of press releases, statements in the interests of furthering FOSS and OSASA membership interests and to correct misinformation about FOSS; and Advocating the use of FOSS use within government and civil society through advocacy and participation in policy making bodies. OSASA promotes the interests of FOSS in all relevant social sectors including general government, education and business through general promotion, believing an increased FOSS market share benefits all in the sector. Osasa membership is open to all individuals and corporate entities within South Africa with an interest in furthering the interests of free and open source software. Membership is not limited to companies or individuals working within the ICT sector nor those that work exclusively with free and open source software. Members are simply required to have an interest in advancing the cause of FOSS.

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