IBM Official Alumni Group: The Greater IBM Connection

IBM Official Alumni Group: The Greater IBM Connection

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We're delighted that you are interested in joining our growing IBM community of current and former IBM employees - The Greater IBM Connection. The group is not open to contractors.

In order to be a member of this group, please make sure you provide accurate information about your IBM employment on your profile and make sure your name matches IBM records.

Please note:
You must indicate your past or present IBM employment in the Employer section of your LinkedIn profile in order to be a member of this group.

If you no longer work for IBM, please make sure that your IBM employment is in the "past" category, including if you are currently retired. Please also show your last name. If you show IBM in the current employer position and you do not appear as an IBM employee in Blue Pages you will be declined.

If you have any questions about your request to join the group, please contact
Welcome to our Greater IBM Connection community!

Note: This group is managed by Stacy Darling, Julie Yamamoto, Jessica Benjamin, and Eve Iannuzzi, and follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines. The views represented in this group may include those of individual IBM employees and don't necessarily represent the positions, strategies or opinions of IBM.

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