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Ed B.


$tartups & The Jobs Act

Founder- Pro IT Marketing & Video Locators

The question is who will benefit more startups or investors. A general summary of some of the advantages:

• Public advertising and promotion of private securities offerings
• Public issuers with annual revenues of up to $1 billion to be exempt for up to five years from many of the financial control and reporting requirements instituted by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
• Expansion of privately held companies’ shareholder base to up to 2,000 holders without requiring Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting, allowing a significant expansion of private trading markets
• Sale of securities to investors through “crowd funding” portal sites
• A substantial increase in the size of placements through Regulation A private offerings to large financial institutions
Most see this as a smart investor opportunity to move in advance of what is considered enthusiasm similar to that of pre-IPO.
Video Locators in preparation of the jobs act:
This is what the team accomplished after 11 weeks since launch 5/22/12

A director suggested that we seek smaller investor since our goal was to initially just seek funds for Internet Marketing. This was projected @ $150K or $12,500 for 12 smaller investors. Two weeks after the director brought us our first investor.

First page of Google & source: GOOGLE ANALYTICS
• Facebook 39,000 weekly visitors
• 720 Search terms
• Website Monthly impressions 195,000+
• In over almost 2750+ cities in two months - growth rate is 5% per week
• Page visits 3.29
• Average cost per click $0.20
• Social Media:
o LinkedIn 58%
o Face book 39% - Don’t forget to click the LIKE button when you visit.
o Mobile 41%
o Google+ 3%
• Average time on site 2:59 Minutes (duration of visits) National average is more like 30 seconds
• Average keyword position first page of Google 3.1

(c) 2012 - Community driven with merit with a team of professionals and their equity

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  • August 24, 2012
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