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The stock currently trades at .0264, just a return to book will reward an investor with a 378% return !

IR Contract Administrator - International Division Trading at CAPPROCON

FLKI is trading cautiously, as investors digested economic reports. A slowing US economy is immaterial to FLKI’s primary business, but they were holding their breath for new policies to spark growth in the euro zone, including a fresh batch of capital injections. In fact FLKI stock has only suffered because of an erroneous perception that its performance is directly linked to the Euro. As such Investors have made the stock a play on the Euro driving the price down to barely a third of net book value, and the PPS ration to 50% !
Moody's revised its outlook on the EU to "negative" from "stable" The ECB came out strong with a commitment to buy unlimited amounts of short-term bonds from euro countries that request help.
Now there is in my view just another reason for investors to hop-on the bullish bandwagon as improving sentiment on the Euro which has simply been an excuse to drive the stock to 30% of its book value reverses. Book value is 10+ cents per share. The stock currently trades at .0264, just a return to book will reward an investor with a 378% return !
Isn’t it time to smell the coffee and pick some up ?

Less than $ 1500 bucks picks up 50 000 shares at these ridiculous prices, at present perceptions the stock is a bet on the Euro. Fundamentals are excellent do your DD and see if you agree with me.

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  • September 10, 2012
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