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Paige R.


private capital is having difficulty in finding investment opportunities here

Chief Operating Officer

Liddy Karter, managing director of Enhanced Capital Partners in Old Lyme: “The growth of early-stage deals will create companies in the future that will be investable by venture capitals. Venture capitalists come in after the angels and so they need a pool of concentrated investable companies. Connecticut hasn’t built that in the past, we’re just building it now. And we need to continue to do so.”

Connecticut's angel investment tax credit appears to be working as new figures show increased funding for start-up companies. Less encouraging, venture capital investments, the next stage of funding required for a company to...

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  • March 5, 2012
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  • Stephen L. G.

    Stephen L.

    Stephen L. G.

    Business and Entrepreneurship Lawyer

    Of course, VC appetites are larger than angels in terms of demands for projected revenues of company and its ability to transform market. CT has to step it up for growing or attracting those companies. Best is to get angels who will stay in and keep funding.

  • John S.


    John S.

    Entrepreneur In Residence at CTNext

    Stephen, I think investors (angel or otherwise) are the mechanism not the driver. Good companies to invest in are the drivers. When you have them, the money will follow.

    Focusing on investors first is like focusing on businesses to create jobs. Demand for products is the driver - if the demand is there, businesses are the mechanism to supply workers to satisfy that demand.

  • Paul

    Paul P.


    Perhaps the VC's will come down off of their high horses and roll up their sleeves.

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