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Dr Bella E.

Dr Bella

Women's sexual peak at age 35 - myth or fact?

on-air relationship expert, Huff Post blogger, author of Sex Drive

Hi, I thought some of you may be interested in my recent article on sexual peak. Hope you enjoy it.

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Bella Ellwood-Clayton writes about the concept of female sexual prime.

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  • June 1, 2012
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  • Ken J.


    Ken J.

    Writer, Lecturer & Author at Ken Johnson, America's Culturalist

    Very interesting. You know, in many indigenous cultures, it is acceptable, and even practice, for older women to take on younger men and "train them."

    To date, Western culture is youth based with medical science often seeing sex as either being for reproduction or for recreation...nothing in between. Proper sex is even seen in American healthcare as not being a component to proper health.

    It is amazing how different Western society vs. indigenous societies understand health, sex, and the roles of people based off of age and gender. In time, I think we will revert back to a belief that sexuality is a part of health and that age, expecially advanced age in a woman, has profound benefit not only to other women but to men and society as a whole.

  • Dr Bella E.

    Dr Bella

    Dr Bella E.

    on-air relationship expert, Huff Post blogger, author of Sex Drive

    thanks for the insightful response ken. i agree w what you're saying. do you know, off hand, which indigenous cultures "train" younger men? fascinating, bella

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