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Will the constitution of Nepal be made within this year ? Discuss. Manager's Choice

Chief of Sales & Marketing at Rolling River Distillers Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal.

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  • December 3, 2011
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  • Alina S.


    Alina S.

    Operator Account Manager at Teletalk Pvt. Ltd.

    No defiantly NOO

  • Sharad Babu

    Sharad Babu S.

    Country Representative

    I doubt, it would be made within this year.

  • Thaneswar U.


    Thaneswar U.

    Chief of Sales & Marketing at Rolling River Distillers Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Thank you all for joining is this dicussion on contitution of our nation. Being a good citizen we should initiate more on this issue. Though I am a sales professional not a politician. If we sit aside then the politics will be the game of scounderls. Let's all join in this discussion. Hope to see more comments in coming days.

  • Satish D.


    Satish D.

    HR manager at Region overseas pvt

    All the politicians look opportunity for earning lots of money and be the power full so how this happens in this year.I don't see the chances of making constitution of Nepal in this year.

  • Sugat Ratna K.

    Sugat Ratna

    Sugat Ratna K.


    It will be more appropriate to guess or talk or discuss about whether constitution will be passed by CA before 14th Jestha 2069, that is less than four months from now. Actually, it is a case of indecisiveness on the part of 601 MPs. In management, some experts advise that certain kinds of decisions could be kept just pending. The matter will be either forgotten or automatically taken care by some other means. It seems 601 MPs, including our top political leaders are going on this line of thinking, which is totally wrong. Nation cannot afford to keep this issue in limbo. They just cannot give any other excuses to keep this issue pending. Actually dozens of committees, sub-committes, expert groups etc. just do not make sense. Even 10 year olds are now aware of two or three 'difficult', 'dangerous' and 'risky' emotional issues about new constitution. There is no point in discussing those issues in public at this point of time. No point in re-writting TIPPANY by SUBBA or KHARIDAR, when TIPPANY file is already in the table of big boss, CA of 601 members. They have to sign it, at least by 2/3rd of 601 members. If a big boss is afraid to give final signature on an important file for a long time jeopardizing the whole organization, simple management science says that he is an incompetent, foolish, stupid and cowardly boss without leadership capability, he should be immediately sacked to save the organization (the country Nepal). It is high time that without wasting time, all issues related with constitution write-up, including word by word, line by line and clause by clause discussions should be conducted inside CA hall in presence of 601 MPs, everyday continously until a final draft could be passed by two-third majority, if not unanimously. If needed, let the government arrange special budget for having Five Star lunch, dinner and snacks for 601 MPs inside CA hall. So, in the next three and half months, all leaders, Prime Minister, ministers and all MPs should cancel their other engagements, foreign as well as district visits, and devote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on constitution drafting. If they cannot pass final draft by 14th Jesth, we, the people of Nepal, should assume that they will never bring a new constitution, so either the nation will go to anarchy or we will have President's rule with the help of army or as a last resort, we may have to go back to 2047 Constitution with few ammendments.

  • Govinda L.


    Govinda L.

    Restaurant Supervisor at Rixos Hotels

    Sambidhan banne kura garo chha.. Neta harulai desko maya chaina...

  • Binod K.


    Binod K.

    Communication Officer at ICRC

    Highly unlikely, at least the present situation suggests, unfortunately, that there is a very slender chance of drafting the constitution by this year. However, let's not have a loss of faith as our 'leaders' are so very unpredictable. May their this trait gives us the long-awaited constitution, who knows!

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