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Derek R.


Will the "Gravity Light" be a future solar technology disrupter for the residential/small trade business market in the developing world?

Executive Director, Deeper Missions

LED, no battery, no solar panels. Current prototypes provide 30 minutes of light using a simple weighted bag.

We have developed a realistic alternative to Kerosene lamps by harnessing the power of gravity. We need your help to make it happen.

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  • December 21, 2012
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    I think that it could certainly be a future solar technology disrupter, but I don't view that as a bad thing. After all, the aim should be to provide lighting and other energy services cheaply, sustainably and locally produced. If the gravity light can do this better than solar PV, then we should go for it.

  • Alex D.


    Alex D.

    Regional Sales Manager

    Hi Mr. Derek.
    It looks great. Please send the details to

  • Ejiko S.


    Ejiko S.


    will the maintainance cost of the facilities be acceptable? what will be the maximum capactity that it can generate? Is the project a profitable one? please the answers to these questions will determine my participation.

  • Derek R.


    Derek R.

    Executive Director, Deeper Missions

    Yes, this is very interesting technology with much potential, that's why I wanted to start a discussion since it has benefits (and risks) beyond what solar lighting solutions provide.

    I'm not involved with developing the "Gravity Light" (although my NGO is very interested in its use).

    If you'd like to see more about the "Gravity Light", here's a video from their home website:

    The home website for this technology is here:

    What do you LinkedIn readers thinking are the benefits to this approach to lighting, vs. solar lighting solutions?

  • Antonio M.


    Antonio M.

    Commercial Manager at SPAIN JUICE TIMNAR

    Hello Derek, It is a nice product and definitely has a use in Africa and other places with similar conditions.
    I don't think that it will substitute the Solar panels but it can be complementary. I will not describe the benefits here of solar power, just I'll point that solar panels are much cheaper and efficient than before and can give enough electricity to run a house with a low investment.
    The Gravity light will be efficient as first aid, at night use when your batteries are low and where can not afford to buy/pay the solar power.
    I'm aware of the situation of some countries in Africa and the gravity light has a long run there.
    Good luck guys !!