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Why should you/should not use your Face Book personal profile as your company fan page.

designer at idesignology

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  • June 5, 2012
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  • April S.


    April S.

    There isn't enough space to fill with all the stuff I do.

    I don't want everyone all up in my business. Now, while I watch what I say because many posts on my personal page are public, I like my business page to be relevant to business. I actually have multiple business pages because I have multiple businesses.

  • Alex W.


    Alex W.

    Creative Senior-level Graphic Designer/Art Director

    Exactly what April said.

    I try to keep mine as separate as possible (1 personal, 2 business, should really have a 3rd business one, too). I don't want to spam my friends and family so with every new business page, I did one message on my personal page letting everyone know so they could follow me there, if they wanted.

    This way I can keep business and personal separate – works well for me!

  • James A.


    James A.

    Director at Designers Up North Ltd

    You have alot more control with the business pages - Milestones, Events, Promotions, Apps etc. Its not a question of keeping it separate (although i always would), its a question of usability and functionality for me....

  • Wayne S.


    Wayne S.

    Web Designer at JD Williams

    You definitely should NOT. If one uses their personal Facebook page as their business page, it just shows that they haven't done their research and aren't clued up on modern media.

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