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  • November 10, 2012
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  • Timmy Qiu /.

    Timmy Qiu

    Timmy Qiu /.

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  • Virginia

    Virginia M.

    Accounting Professional

    I voted for neither the Republican or Democratic candidates this time. If these parties can not manage the government when there are only two parties involved then we need an alternative candidate. This year I voted for whatever third candidate was listed for every position on the ballot. If no third candidate was listed I did not vote for that position. Not just for the presidency but for every position on the ballot. Today I am one of a few. If both parties do not get their act together by 2014 there will be more. Every year after that it will grow. I talk to Republicans and Democrats. The majority are sick of the bullying and name calling.

  • Doc W.


    Doc W.

    DRUGCRAFT 510 459-8301

    The US imprisons a larger percentage of it's own citizens than any other nation on Earth, (USA = 5% of the global ppn, but 25% of the world's prison ppn. Sorry, I just need to say that last bit again- only 1 in 20 people in the world are US citizens, but 1/4 of all imprisoned people on the planet are US citizens in US jails),

    A significant proportion of prisoners in US jails are there for possession of personal amounts of illicit drugs (1/5 of all inmates), or for minor non-violent drug related offences, and that many such prisoners are incarcerated for decades or life without option of parole due to "three strike" legislation and harsh mandatory sentencing laws.

  • Dr. Derek Z.

    Dr. Derek

    Dr. Derek Z.

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    Regarding emissions, wake up, the NOX emissions are causing the changes of the atmosphere in the form of smog, trapping particulates, CO2 etc under the inversion layers.

    We do bring down the CARBON FOOTPRINT of any fuel burning engine. On our 2008 Toyota 381 HP Sequoia, we knocked down the Carbon index from 12.2 Tons per year (Est. 12,000 miles) to 1.2 Tons per year. That is a 10.67 Ton reduction of Carbon output. Carbon reductions can easily be seen with the HH2 systems installed by using standard smog emission testing of tailpipe emissions.

    Climate change is real, the Planet is pissed and changes may now be too late. Will we see the end of our way of life as we know it?? Will we see it change in the next 10 or 20 years, or even sooner.

    If you visit You Tube, enter a search for HH2 Hydrogen and you will see MPG road tests of HH2 installations. They do not lie, we just cannot at this time make % of fuel economy gains due to regulations here in the State of California. Main reason is that no one can control how the vehicle is driven or control of the driver. Impossible to do.

  • Michael C.


    Michael C.

    Freelance Writer

    As the Administration charts the way forward, there will be opportunities for a number of interesting solutions. The pundits about “the cliff,” but this isn’t a single monolithic creature; it’s got many components and there will be multiple solutions that go into solving the crisis. We have any number of broad-based problems. They've become epic in scale. There are however no broad-based solutions. I’d like to suggest the construction of a broad-based solution by linking three large elements of a “Grand Bargain” that might emerge from the negotiations between Congress and the White House. These are Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and immigration reform.

    Social Security: As Bill Clinton said, arithmetic matters. The simple fact is that Social security was brought into being at a time when we had a large agricultural population that had 4 children each – and Social Security kicked in at 65 when most people died within a few years of that mark (plus or minus). That isn’t true now. That the age to access SSI will be raised is hardly worth the argument. It will happen and the big question is: How? One answer was provided by republican Senator Rand Paul who suggested raising the age of retirement by one month per year until a better balance was achieved. That rate might be two slow under the circumstances and perhaps one month every half-year or even every quarter would be better. This is a partial solution that could save billions and preserve SSI for future generations.

    Many republicans will continue to push for privatization – citing the gains that might be made in the market. Democrats should and must counter that Social Security was created precisely to stop that money from falling into the hands of the market. We don’t need a crystal ball to know what would have happened to the nation had SSI funds been in the market in 2007. It can’t be allowed. Retention of the present system in exchange for raising the age requirement will probably be part of the deal; but all this is only a partial solution. The bottom line here is that we have smaller families now and this is a major factor in our quality of life as Americans. We need more workers paying into the system.

    Medicare/Medicaid: as a first step, we need to take a hard look at the estimates of just what the national medical bills are. Last September’s report form the Institute for Medicine states that up to 30% of all US medical expenditures go to waste and outright fraud. Here is a link to the article about it: http://news.yahoo.com/report-us-health-care-system-wastes-750b-140106406.html With $750 Billion in annual losses, the truth is that none of the figures being thrown around are accurate. Even if we only recoup half of these funds through enforcement and streamlining, that will mean a 15% reduction in the national healthcare tab. These numbers are the drivers for all of Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare. Stepping back now and eliminating the fraud and unnecessary treatments generating a solution to this will be a major step toward solvency. A key element in any solution will be the removal of millions of people from our emergency rooms (the most expensive of all services) and their entry into standard medical care – along with their purchase of insurance.


  • Michael C.


    Michael C.

    Freelance Writer

    Immigration Reform: One of the huge elements missing from the whole discussion in Congress is that while the parties trade in what are essentially a series of penalties (higher taxes for some, higher taxes for all, cuts for all and sequester) vs. "the cliff," immigration reform can be presented as a positive solution - at least in part. Both issues require the infusion of millions of people paying into the system. At the same time, conservatives bring up the point that these people are felons. That is true enough. Neither amnesty nor forced deportations of families are viable solutions. One answer might be found in looking at the various ways our courts deal with felons. Prison isn’t always the best option, and maybe it isn’t here. We can’t afford to lock-up a million people and the impact on dependent families – and the cost to us would be crippling.

    We need educated and talented immigrants. Everyone agrees. We need all of those graduate students, engineers, doctors and the rest who in the end want to stay - to be able too. That's one issue. At the same time - we also need several million younger people who aren't living in the shadows to pay taxes, contribute to Social Security and healthcare.

    Conservatives will oppose any path toward “citizenship” for the felons themselves, and perhaps they are right. On the other hand, minors who were brought here or were born here; didn’t commit the crime. Other solutions might include one of several “administrative” procedures that provided a path to citizenship for the minors and legal residency for the felons in exchange for public service. National service of some form might be a solution. Illegal immigrants might be required to admit guilty and perform service to their communities; mandated, unpaid public work. Prison does not serve our interests and it increases the burden.

    In exchange, the new residents (felons and their families) would be issued proper documentation including legal Green Cards, SSI cards and will have to pass driving tests to gain licenses. Fraudulent IDs will be removed. Taxes will be paid, SSI deducted and medical coverage paid for by the residents. Looking ahead, several million people will be required to pay their share of Obamacare or face the penalties just like the rest of us. That creates an interesting lever for the Administration. Even with the victory at the polls, I don’t think the democrats will be able to tell the republicans to get out of the way on these issues – but the insurance industry might. How much do we think 5,6,7 million new customers are worth? Using insurance industry lobbyists and their money might change the working relationships on Capitol Hill in a hurry.

    Any immigration reform will require increased efforts to secure our borders and probably an increase in the number of visas available and most of the cuts should probably be to the red tape – that serves no one. These reforms will stop the abuse of undocumented workers and their families, and throw a wrench into human trafficking; benefiting all of us. Contributions will be made to the tax base at the local, state and federal levels, we will ease the burdens and schools are paid for and we will shift millions of people from the emergency rooms into affordable care.

    Triads are not new to government. Solutions that serve us are rare. This may be an opportunity close the gaps in SSI or healthcare system and resolve the immigration issue. I don’t accept that there are no solutions. We have the right as a society to create solutions that actually serve us as a nation.

  • Doc W.


    Doc W.

    DRUGCRAFT 510 459-8301

    "As Bill Clinton said, arithmetic matters."

    And so too do fine cigars... shortly after Bill Clinton fired the first
    female African American surgeon general for suggesting that masturbation be
    discussed in sex education classes, he used a cigar to masturbate a white
    house aid in the oval office! BUT it was no ordinary cigar but one of the
    finest cigars with which to masturbate women in the country: the Gurkha
    Cigar, since 1878.

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