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What's the #1 most powerful change you can make to your resume to get it noticed and into the "interview" pile?

Writing Solutions for the Commercial Insurance Professional

In my opinion, it's converting any statements that say "I did this" or "I was responsible for that" to statements that say "I faced this challenge, took this action, and achieved this quantifiable result." Challenge-Action-Results. With the sea of "job obituaries" most hiring managers have to swim through to fill every position, this is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd.

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  • May 2, 2012
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  • Grant C.


    Grant C.

    ► Executive Resume Writer ► LinkedIn Profiles ► Business Plans ► Job Search Advisor & Columnist

    Your advice is 100% correct.
    An additional technique would be to place at the top of the resume a direct reference to the company, stating why you would be a great fit that identifies your knowledge of the company and its challenges...

  • Genise R. C.

    Genise R.

    Genise R. C.

    CPRW at Golden Resume Creations

    I use job titles that target specific job markets, then core competencies. The job title and possible subtitles are in a pretty large, bold font, so they can't possibly be missed.
    The core competencies are just a list of skill sets, such as Client/Vendor Relations, Strategic Planning, etc. However, right under the job title I write a branding statement that basically summarizes the individuals career, using strong adjectives and verbs.

    When it comes down to actual job experience, strong verbs, concise statements, and quantitative data. Employers love numbers.

    Always keep in mind, the employer doesn't about every little detail you did in your previous jobs, he/she cares what you can do for them!

  • Debra G.


    Debra G.

    Outcome-oriented, Highly Experienced Professional Resume Writer | Northern Rivers NSW

    Along with all the above really good advice....Making sure the formatting doesn't even vaguely resemble an MS Word Template, or any other oft-used template makes a big difference!! I find little things like making headings in Times New Roman,Bold, Size 16-18, small caps (but upper and lower case) pulled apart by 3 points can make an attractive heading without looking over the top...

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