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What are your Top Interview Questions for Call Center Agents?

Principal Consultant | TeleSoft Systems | Recruiting, Hiring & Process Improvement for Call Centers

Top Performing Contact Centers have clear – consistent - objective criteria for accepting or rejecting job applicants. Most interview mistakes are the result of supervisors/managers who wrongly trust their “gut instinct”.

The structured behavioral interview is the single most effective approach to interviewing applicants for Call Center jobs.

Behavioral interviews are based on the principle that a job candidate’s recent past behavior is the best indicator of how they will perform in the future.

Behavioral interview questions allow you to get a more accurate behavior based representation of the applicant’s past performance - to see if the candidate has the required competencies for the job.

Here are some common behavioral interview questions used by Contact Centers:

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  • April 29, 2012
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  • Terri G.


    Terri G.

    Corporate trainer/Learning & Development Specialist/Business Coach/Empowering Keynote Speaker

    1. What is your pet peeve?
    2. What's your worst customer service experience?
    3. What's the golden rule?

    In answering these questions, you're not only listening to what they say, but observing their body language; by listening and watching; you'll determine if you want them on your team.

  • Izzy M.


    Izzy M.

    Multilingual agent available now

    How do you plan a holiday?
    What is your biggest dream/ambition?
    What is the name of the receptionist?

    Shows you their eye for detail, their ambitions and awareness of their environment. On top of it you have them wrongfooted so they have to think on their feet.

  • Judy M.


    Judy M.

    Customer Service Manager / Designated Representative in Charge at Biomimetic Therapeutics a Wright Medical Company

    When did you accept your first job. Tell me what your very first job was........and the jobs you have had since then.

    Typically, those that began is a service oriented position seem to maintain that path throughout and those that venture outside that realm, do so for only a short time before venturing back into a service oriented position.

    Then, I usually present some scenarios to see how they would handle them.

  • -

    - -.

    Call Center Agents are mostly young, energetic & freshers to the industry. What I would be asking in the interview would be a combination of analytical & bit of questions related to your process, which helps to see the thought process of a candidate. Few questions:

    * What were / are the good & bad experience in your previous company?

    * How you will tackle an irate customer?

    * How do you motivate yourself when your sales figures are down?

    * Any specific reason for leaving your previous company?

    5) What is your motto of life?

  • Julie B.


    Julie B.

    Co Director at Double Trouble Development Ltd

    Q. How would your best friend describe you?
    Q. On a typical weekend do you wait for mates to call and let you know what's happening or Do you call them?
    Q. Can you describe a time when you have received good sevice / poor service and how both of these times made you feel?

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