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Managing Director at Dentongate ltd.

The 1075 ha large forest borders the Stranja National Park and is only 4 km away from the sea and 40 km from the international airport in Bourgas. Asphalted roads connect it with the road network of Bulgaria. There is a water reservoir only 1500 m bee-line away from the forest estate. There are also several officially certified sources of drinking water.Having conducted the necessary research and planning, our company guarantees the current proprietors that the financing of this project will provide substantial income for them from the sale of their property, while ensuring the preservation and good care of the forest and its vast bio diversity. INVESTING IN THIS PROJECT PRESENTS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO HELP PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND STILL GAIN GOOD PROFIT! Apart from the expected direct return on investments, later on this project can get subsidies and grants from EU, as well as from leading world banks and financial institutions.
- construction and management of a complex of highly energy efficient luxury private green buildings - a hotels , sport facilities. The complex is envisaged to have its own power plant operating on biomass (wood and wood waste), which uses a completely eco-friendly process, included in the list of the most successful ways of producing electricity in the future using renewable energy sources.
- construction of a production workshop for eco pellets and eco briquettes to be used in the power plant, presenting several advantages – abundance of eco-friendly resources - more than half of the wood needed for the production of the eco pellets is available on site, coming from the essential sanitary clearing, vital for keeping the forest in good state, as prescribed by the State Forestry Agency in the 10-year period forestry development plan; renewable resources - the rest of the needed wood will be provided by planting rapidly growing trees. Yet further source of wood will be the sanitary clearing of the state-owned forests bordering the KOBARELOV FOREST.
- sustainable control on the population and preserving the scale of the biotope: Because of registered overpopulation of some local wild animals like wild boar, fox or jackals , the area has been announced for hunting area in restricted periods. Our project recognizes the necessity of sustainable development, so we incorporated this need of regulation in our concept as feature called hunting tourism.Hunting tourism will ensure successful control on the population growth of certain species on one hand, as well as good profit on the other.
- possibility for eco-food production (organic vegetables and meet) in local farms and greenhouses, heated using residual steam from the biomass power plant. Furthermore, growing medicinal herbs and truffels and forest fruit is also possible as all of those typical for the region are preserved there.
• First stage of the project is 25 300 000€ to purchase the 11 000 000m² forest land.
• Second stage of the project is 16 100 000€ to purchase the rest of 7 000 000m² forest land.
• Third stage of the project is 10 000 000€ ( in process of particularization) for concept & master plan, architectural design , legalizing & construction permit, green certificate, governmental tax & certificate, marketing, publicity, professional expenses, licenses & permits and etc.
• Forth stage is development and constriction 104 699 000 000€
Total value of the investment project “Kobarelov Ecopolis” is 156 099 000€ for 18 000 000m²
Strategic alliances
Green Balkans, the nation’s leading social and environmental NGO (
Mr.Ivan Tabakov who is the Chairman of the Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Honored Consul of Italy for Varna too.

Warm Regards
Ivaylo Velikov

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  • March 10, 2011
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